H. A. S. P.


Heartland Alternative

Servicing Program


331 N. Main

Poplar Bluff, Mo  63901



Welcome to H.A.S.P.


 H.A.S.P. provides alternative programs and classes for court ordered, and non-court ordered offenders.


Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)

SATOP Level I  (OEP) Offender Education Program

      SATOP Level II (WIP) Weekend Intervention Program

  SATOP Level III (CIP) Clinical Intervention Program

Ignition Interlock

Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

Supervision of Community Service Work

Required Education and Community Treatment (REACT)

Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Program

Life Skills Classes

   Anger Management (AM)

   Batterer's Intervention (BIP)




 H.A.S.P. has two locations.  The main office is located at 331 N. Main Street in Poplar Bluff, Missouri in an older, grey, two-story house that formerly housed the Butler County Juvenile Office.  There is also a part-time office located at 250 Maple Street; Greenville, MO  in Henderson Business complex which is across the street from the courthouse.  The telephone number to the Greenville office is 573-224-5561.

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